Classes 2018-19 (School Year)

More Dance !

Kids should be dancing more!  Dancing helps kids become limber, learn direction, gain strength and artistry, understand body awareness, function and dynamics  even learn French vocabulary, teamwork, and aid in memorization skills.  Dance Dynamix's dancers will have the opportunity to dance more next year and in the future.  After the second year of dance, dancers should be dancing a few hours or twice a week, depending upon age, too.  As in any sport or activity, practicing one a week is not enough to see results and to gain proficiency and competency.  

What is New for 2018-19?

Dance DynamiX is going to offer more combo classes. The kids who are exposed to several styles of dance several hours a week improve in leaps and bounds!  

Combo Classes

Dancers older than 3 will be be able to register for combination classes of 2 hours per week or more.  For instance.. ballet/tap/jazz will be two hours for kids 5-7 followed by acrobatics/leaps and turns, which might be 90 minutes!     
Any dancer interested in pursuing dance aft her/his first year, will enroll two-three times weekly!

Prices Will Still Remain Low!

Prices will remain $11 per hour next year. And the more classes, the more the discount!

Similiar Schedule as This Year!

The schedule will remain similar to this year's schedule!  

More Dance Company

Attending conventions and competitions will be available for more dancers!  Auditions May 4-6! 

Schedule 2018-19

Here is next year's schedule!  This may change if different teachers with different specialties come on board! 

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