Classes 2019-2020

More Dance !

Kids should be dancing more!  Dancing helps kids become limber, learn direction, gain strength and artistry, understand body awareness, function and dynamics  and even learn French vocabulary, teamwork, and aid in memorization skills.  Dance Dynamix's dancers will have the opportunity to dance more next year and in the future.  After the second year of dance, dancers should be dancing a few hours or twice a week, depending upon age, too.  As in any sport or activity,  the dancer needs to practice more than once per week to see results and to gain proficiency and competency.  

Payment Structure

Dance DynamiX is  offering  classes based on levels:  

True Beginner:  $50/month

Beginner and Adult::  $75/month

Advanced Beginner:  $100/month 

 Intermediate/Mini Dance Co: $125 /month

Advanced and Dance Co:  $200/month

True Beginners:  45 minutes-1 hour per week

Beginners:  1-3 hours per week 

Advanced Beginners 3-5 Hours Per week

Intermediates/Dance Co :  Approximately 5 hours per week (2 days per week) 

Advanced /Dance Co:  8 plus hours per week, 2 -3 days per week 

Schedule 2019-2020

Mondays: Advanced Dancers (Ages 9 and Up) 5 Years Dance Experience

4: 00-5:00  Contemporary 

5:00-6:00:  Jazz

6:00-7:00:  Hip Hop

7:00-8:30:  Dance Co Practice 

Tuesdays: Beginners and Advanced Beginners (Ages 3-7, 0-3 Years Dance Experience )

3:45-4:30:  Ballet 

4:30-5:15:  Tap

5:15--6:00:  Jazz/Hip Hop 

6:00-7:00:  Acrobatics

7:00-7:30:  Intermediate Dance Co Practice 

Wednesday: Advanced/Intermediate (Ages 9 and Up, 5 years dance experience ) and Adult (9th grade and up)

4:00-5:00:  Ballet 

5:00-6:00:  Leaps and Turns 

6:00-7:00:  Advanced Acrobatics

7:15-8:15: Adult Dance

 8:15-9:00:  Adult Dance Co Practice 

Thursday : Intermediate Ages 5 and Up (3 years plus dance experience )

4:00-4:45:  Tap

4:45-5:30:  Ballet

5:30-6:30:  Acro 

6:30-7:15:  Funk Jazz/Street Jazz

7:15-8:15:  Dance Co Practice 


Dance Co Practices

Private Sessions 




Tumbling with TIA

Saturday: True Beginner (Ages 3-5, 0-2 years dance experience ) and Beginner (ages 3-6, 0-2 Years dance experience)

9:00-10:00:  Kids Dance 

10:00-12:00:  Beginner combo (Ballet, Tap, Jazz)

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