Again, classes are paid every 7 weeks and are prorated if the dancer begins after the 7 week session begins.

How Is Tuition Paid?

How is Tuition Paid?

Tuition Is Paid every 7 weeks or so, based on a 35 week dance year. Thus, there are 5 payments of tuition yearly.  

Tuition is Paid  Mid September, Mid November, Mid January, Mid March and Mid May 

Classes run regularly except on certain Holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  There are usually no classes over Christmas /Winter Break, February Break and April vacation.  Dance DynamiX offers make up classes or dance workshops for classes missed due to inclement weather or that must be cancelled due to dance conventions and competitions. 

In case of inclement weather, check your  email, Dance Dynamix facebook page or  instagram. 

Tuition is paid at the studio with check made out to Dance DynamiX or with cash.  Online paying is available through Paypal at

Dress Code

Black Dance Clothes

Black leotard, black shorts, black ballet skirt, black leggings are allowed.  Pink tights, nude tights and no tights allowed. 

On Your Toes

On Your Toes in RT. 1 Peabody is where you go to get all of your dance shoes and dance clothing. Just ask about  the Dance Dynamix dress code  when you get there and you will receive 10% off your order. Dance clothing and accessories  can also be ordered online at

Hair Pulled Back

Buns are best!  But neat ponytail and braids are okay, too!  But hair must be firmly secured in good quality tight, elastics. 

No Street Clothes Allowed!

Do not wear school clothes to dance  class.  This dancer  looks amazing because she is dressed professionally. 

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